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The world is becoming ever more interconnected today. As part of our strategy, we intend to ensure people and organizations including businesses have fast Internet connectivity, either from their homes, mobile phones or workplaces. This will allow them to have access to our city services easily. We also want to make sure people have trust and confidence in cyberspace for accessing city services and for conducting their transactions online. Hence, we will take various measures to safeguard sensitive and private information.


Internet revolution started with connecting people and now it also includes connecting almost anything from devices to other things we see around us. We intend to additionally connect various city resources and infrastructures (e.g. water, energy, sewage, drainage, waste distribution networks, buildings, etc) to Internet for sensing several aspects in real time.

This will not only allow us as a city to provide more reliable and better services but will also provide efficiencies.

For example, outages in water and electricity will be immediately sensed and faster service recovery will be made possible. Similarly, leaks in water and electricity networks and their locations will be detected in a much more reliable manner to minimize such unintended losses. City residents will be able to monitor their resource consumptions, such as water and electricity, on the spot and will be provided with the right information to make choices for reducing their consumptions to save city resources consciously. Hence, we will empower our city residents and make them conscious consumers.

Urban planning and allocating land, as a very scarce resource in cities, is very important. Dubai is a fast growing city and requires careful planning with respect to resources and infrastructure availability and provisioning.

We will coordinate and integrate city planning aspects by providing various city authorities the much needed timely information to help them plan the future of our city and its expansion in a better and well-coordinated manner.

Climate change, as well as man-made and natural disasters pose challenges for cities globally. We in Dubai want to make sure we are fully prepared to handle such unplanned incidents. Again this requires a collaborative effort among city authorities, residents and communities at large in our city. It will enhance our resilience as a city and will improve our response and recovery times for such incidents God forbid if they happen.

Hence Dubai as a city will be a well-connected, well-planned, secure and resilient giving its residents and visitors an unmatched urban experience.