Prioritising Impact

Our strategic initiatives and KPIs defined by the outcomes we will create for the city, transforming Dubai through technology innovation creating enriched and impactful city experiences.

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Different constituents in our city such as government, businesses, and individuals interact daily through exchanging products, services and even ideas and experiences. Hence each and everyone of them is a producer and also a consumer in our city.

It is our first and foremost aim to ensure happy city experiences in these exchanges. Hence our first impact area is the customer impact achieving happiness for our residents and visitors in their daily urban lives. This is clearly stated in our vision to become the happiest city on Earth. And our Happiness Agenda was formulated earlier for this purpose. 


However, we have gone two steps further and identified two more impact areas for our city. We asked ourselves at what financial / economic cost can we achieve happiness? And we have formulated a strategy whereby we can achieve even financial savings while delivering happiness to our citizens and residents if we are smart.

In other words, we have charted a course whereby digital innovation can create efficiencies for us, rather than additional expenditures. Hence, we have a big opportunity to achieve happiness while simultaneously achieving financial benefits for our city both for public and private sector entities. 


The third impact area we analyzed is the overall city environment including our resources and infrastructure. We asked ourselves while pursuing our digital transformation efforts, what is our impact on our overall city environment.

Can we sustain and enhance our city resources and infrastructures to support and sustain our transformation positively or are we going to have an adverse impact on our city environment? And we have again charted a course whereby we will create positive impact on our city environment by ensuring clean and sustainable resources and enhanced infrastructures. 

In summary, the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy entails creating positive impact with respect to all three areas, namely our city residents, financial resources and our city environment.

We believe we have a unique opportunity to harness technology for our city transformation and yield a positive triple bottom line. Our course of action, we believe, will position Dubai globally unique as a smart city.