Welcome to The Happy City

Guided by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Smart Dubai Office has continually pursued a revolutionary new vision for a smart city: to be the happiest city on earth.

Led by Smart Dubai, the city has transformed itself into a model smart city, revolutionising the way government services are delivered its people by launching over 100 smart initiatives and more than 1000 smart services by two dozen government departments and private sector partners in less than three years. In the same period, Smart Dubai has recorded an increase in happiness across the city of +3%.

The Smart Dubai 2021 strategy is the city's answer to the forces of change that continue to shape our city. Continuing to prioritise people's happiness as its ultimate success indicator, Smart Dubai has announced an ambitious roadmap to prepare Dubai to embrace the future and emerge as a world-leading city by 2021, in celebration of the nation's golden jubilee, by promoting technological advances that benefit the city's people; it's economy; and its resources.

We are making Dubai the happiest city on earth by embracing technology innovation making Dubai a more seamless, safe, efficient and personalised city experience for all residents and visitors.

The Smart Dubai initiative structures its end-goals across a carefully crafted set of strategic pillars. These are Efficient, Seamless, Safe and Personalised. The pillars provide a distinct view of the impact the city needs to create, in tandem with all public and private stakeholders.

Smart Dubai envisions a city where all its resources are optimised for maximum efficiency, where services are integrated seamlessly into daily life, where we protect both our people and information — creating the most enriched life and business experience possible for all.

The City's Transformation Agenda

Smart Dubai 2021 is the city’s roadmap to achieving the future of Dubai, now. Leveraging our experience in three years of transforming Dubai into a smart city, Smart Dubai has announced the city’s transformation agenda, to guide the next chapter of Dubai’s journey to becoming the intelligent, responsive and personalised city of the future.

Smart Dubai 2021 is a collaboratively-built strategic roadmap for the city to achieve its digital transformation goals by 2021. The roadmap defines ambitious targets across three impact axes: customer happiness, economic growth, and resource & infrastructure resilience.  

Our new agenda defines a city wide approach to achieving the four goals of Smart Dubai: for an efficient, seamless, safe and personalised city, by delivering services and initiatives across 6 strategic themes that will contribute to enhanced services and experiences in all city dimensions.

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Dubai has already been through 3 generations of digital transformation and enablement. We aim to be at the forefront as a leader by harnessing digital innovation in all our city endeavors. Hence, today we want to take it to a different level from mere enablement to significant positive impact on the city through digital transformation. In other words, we will utilize technology as an enabler to create significant positive impact for our city. 

Impact Axes

Customer Impact

City services are more efficient and seamless, saving time and money while delivering delightful experiences.

Financial Impact

Efficient city services enable cost savings in all industries while insights from data drive innovation and stimulate economic growth.


When city resources, energy and infrastructure are sustainable and resilient, a clean and healthy environment is maintained.


Smart Dubai delivers customer, financial and resource & infrastructure impact spanning the six city dimensions of smart living, smart economy, smart governance, smart mobility, smart environment, and smart people. To achieve this impact, Smart Dubai 2021 has established six strategic objectives, mapping to these dimensions, identifying ambitious targets to fundamentally transform the way we live, work and interact with our city. 

Smart Dubai 2021 identifies 42 strategic and 58 additional KPIs, amounting to 100 in total to track our progress and to benchmark Dubai's smart city transformation with our global peers. The ambitious targets strategic KPIs will guide a trajectory to transform Dubai into the smartest city on earth across all six city dimensions in 2021. 

1. Smart Liveable & Resilient City

• Achieve full ICT enablement of critical infrastructure and resources to boost efficiency, availability, and resilience.

• Enhance the Emirate’s resilience through collaborative, connected planning, awareness building, and capacity development, fostering readiness at the individual, community, society, and Emirate levels.

• Nurture commitment and collaboration among various stakeholders in the Emirate to deliver an integrated, smart, and sustainable urban experience.

• Improve city connectedness to simplify living.

2. Globally Competitive Economy Powered by Disruptive Technologies

• Globally competitive economy, leveraging ICT innovations as means to digitally transform strategic economic sectors and pioneer new rules of economic development and engagement.

• Embarking on transition towards circular economy that fosters reuse and sharing of economic assets and resources.

• Vibrant entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem fueled by productive R&D investments, emerging technologies, open and shared data, and enriching collaborations, aiming to boost patents granted in the Emirate.

• Inspired, skilled, innovative and highly productive workforce reinforcing Dubai’s position as the smartest city of the future.

3. Interconnected Society with Easily Accessible Social Services

• Touching the lives of individuals in the Emirate—resident or visitor, through digitizing and simplifying access to and use of services in daily living; making life easier.

• Improving individuals’ quality of life by embracing technology to streamline social, cultural, education, and healthcare experiences in the Emirate

• Facilitating inclusive and effective participation of city stakeholders to engage them in designing city experiences.

4. Smooth Transport Driven by Autonomous & Shared Mobility Solutions

• Pioneer smart innovative mobility solutions for a seamless and safe transportation experience in the Emirate.

• Enhance city mobility by harnessing autonomous transportation technologies for increased productivity, efficiency and reduced traffic congestion.

• Boost the use of public and shared transportation means to reduce time spent commuting, helping residents and visitors reach their destinations safer, faster, and happier.

5. Clean Environment Enabled by Cutting-Edge ICT Innovations

• Leverage ICT to ensure sustainability and quality of the Emirate’s resources (water, air, energy, and land) for residents and visitors.

• Deploy leading-edge, ICT powered demand and supply side strategies to improve resource efficiency and conserve consumption.

• Digitally transform utilities, manufacturing, transportation, and waste treatment sectors to reduce the Emirate’s Carbon footprint for a cleaner, healthier environment.

6. Digital, Lean Connected Government

• A Government with Zero visits—eliminates the need to commute to and physically interact with the Government by providing 100% of eligible public services through digital channels and targeting full digital adoption.

• Paperless, cashless Government, driven by cutting-edge, disruptive technologies, defining the Government of the future now.

• Delivering optimized experiences through connecting public services that target residents’ and visitors’ critical needs and major life events… saving time and simplifying life.

• A Government powered by world-class city-wide shared services and infrastructure that drive significant efficiencies for the Emirate.


Office Of Smart city impact management

The Smart Dubai 2021 strategy is championed by the Smart Dubai Office, and shared across the city's government and private sector. As the chief enabler of Dubai's smart city transformation, the Smart Dubai Office is responsible for guiding and implementing the policies and frameworks required to achieve the citywide effort. Led by the Smart Dubai Office, partners across the city independently implement new services, initiatives and systems to achieve success indicators identified at the Office level, and affirmed by all city partners. 

To oversee this ambitious transformation, the Smart Dubai Office has instituted the Office of Smart City Impact Management. The OSCIM is tasked with managing the execution of the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy, uniting partners from the public and private sector through a centralised planning platform. Steered by the OSCIM, Dubai is undergoing a massive transformation to a smart city, delivering impact on an unmatched scale across all city sectors, stockholders and constituencies.